Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lorrah, Jean

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(1940-    ) US writer and academic; she has written no singletons. The Savage Empire sequence – Savage Empire (1981), Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire (1982), Captives of the Savage Empire (1984), Flight to the Savage Empire (1986) with Winston A Howlett, Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles: A Tale of the Savage Empire (1986), Wulfston's Odyssey: A Tale of the Savage Empire (1987) with Howlett, and Empress Unborn: A Tale of the Savage Empire (1988) – is set in a Land-of-Fable late-Roman-Empire Europe, distinguished from the mundane world by a certain amount of Magic, characters with various Talents, and so forth. Action predominates. [JC]

other works: Various volumes in Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime/Gen sequence, those in collaboration with Lichtenberg including First Channel * (1980), Channel's Destiny * (1982) and Zelerod's Doom * (1986), plus the solo Ambrow Keon * (1986); various Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation ties.

Jean Lorrah


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