Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
London, Jack

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Working name of US writer John Griffith London (1876-1916). His imaginative fiction made a considerable contribution to the development of US Science Fiction, some of his works being cast as Visionary Fantasies. His most important was The Star Rover (1915; vt The Jacket 1915 UK), whose protagonist learns to dissociate his mind from his body while undergoing painful punishment and experiences various past lives (see Reincarnation). Before Adam (1906) is a Prehistoric Fantasy. A more concrete form of Atavism is featured in "When the World was Young" (1910), which appeared in The Night-Born (coll 1913) and is reprinted in both Curious Fragments: Jack London's Tales of Fantasy Fiction (coll 1975) and Selected Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories (coll 1978). The second title includes some Weird Fiction in which the dead exert supernatural influences upon the living, the story of most fantasy interest being "The Eternity of Forms" (1911) from The Turtles of Tasman (coll 1916). Hearts of Three * (1918) is a novelization of a unproduced movie script done with Charles William Goddard (1879-1951); it involves a Lost Race and drug-induced Visions. [BS]

John Griffith London


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