Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Livingstone, Ian

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(1949-    ) UK writer and promoter of fantasy Games. His Dicing with Dragons: An Introduction to Role-Playing Games (1983; rev 1984 US) is a useful guide. His other books, many in collaboration with Steve Jackson, are largely confined to titles in the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook sequence: Fighting Fantasy Gamebook #1: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (1982) with Steve Jackson, #3: The Forest of Doom (1983), #5: City of Thieves (1983), #6: Deathtrap Dungeon (1984), #7: Island of the Lizard King (1984), #8: Scorpion Swamp (1984) with Jackson, #9: Caverns of the Snow Witch (1984), #13: Freeway Fighter (1985), #14: Temple of Terror (1986), #19: Demons of the Deep (1986) with Jackson, #21: Trial of Champions (1986), #22: Robot Commando (1986) with Jackson, the unnumbered Crypt of the Sorcerer (1987) and Shadowmaster (1992) with Marc Gascoigne. Associated titles include Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World (1986) and The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book (graph 1990), both with Jackson. There is one independent title: Casket of Souls (1987 chap). [JC]

Ian Livingstone


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