Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Livingston, Marjorie

(1893-?   ) UK writer. Her first novel of genre interest, The Future of Mr Purdew (1935), is a Posthumous Fantasy whose protagonist encounters the Afterlife as a vaguely sf-like fourth dimension. Moloch (1942) describes a search for the home venue of the eponymous Phoenician Sun-god. ML is best-known for her Karmic Destiny sequence of Atlantis tales: Island Sonata (1944), Muted Strings (1946) and Delphic Echo (1948). The approaching end of the island kingdom is hinted at primarily through the complicated Wrongness of the marriages engaged in, against the structure of custom, by the various protagonists of the first volume; their escape to Egypt is too late for the female protagonist, who dies as her consort finishes building the first pyramid, within which the Mysteries of Atlantis are stored. In the second volume, the protagonists are now, through Reincarnation, members of the Egyptian royal family, and suffer savage persecution to balance the bad karma of their earlier marital extravagances. In the third volume, this time reincarnated in Ancient Greece, they suffer further tragedies. [JC]

Marjorie Prout Livingston


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