Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Little, Bentley

(1960-    ) US writer who began publishing work of genre interest with "Pray for Baby" (1984 The Horror Show). Most of his work is fantasy/Horror, like The Revelation (1990), which won the 1991 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel: a small town is invaded by "hellspawn" whose ultimate defeat does little to redeem a sense of irretrievable Thinning. The Mailman (1991) is a powerful Dark Fantasy in which a nonhuman mailman destroys a community; it is tauter and better than Stephen King's comparable Needful Things (1991). The Summoning (1993) is another weird fantasy: a small town is threatened by a Chinese Vampire who recruits Christian fundamentalists as his disciples. His other novels follow in the same lines, sometimes without supernatural elements; they include Death Instinct (1992 as by Phillip Emmons; vt Evil Deeds 1994 UK as BL), Night School (1994 UK; vt University 1995 US) and Dark Dominion (1995). [JC]

Bentley Little


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