Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Linton, Lynn

Working name of UK writer Mrs Eliza Lynn Linton (1822-1898), who also published under her maiden name, Eliza Lynn, and some of whose works also appeared under her married name. Her first novel, Azeth: The Egyptian (1846), anon, is historical romance set about 800BC, with a long fantasy sequence describing a rite of Initiation. Much of her later work was Supernatural Fiction, including the stories and articles published as Witch Stories (coll 1861); some of the contents of The Mad Willoughby's and Other Tales (coll 1875) are supernatural, and With a Silken Thread and Other Stories (coll 1880 Germany) assembles most of her remaining work of interest, though not "The Fate of Madame Cabanel" (1880), a Vampire tale of interest for its association of imputed vampirism with female sexual allure. The True History of Joshua Davidson (1872), anon, depicts Christ as a Communist. In The Second Youth of Theodora Desanges (1900) a woman experiences spontaneous rejuvenation. [JC]

Mrs Eliza Lynn Linton


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