Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lins, Osman

(1924-1978) Brazilian writer who produced several mainstream works and some complex and well crafted urban fantasies, beginning with Avalovara (1973; trans Gregory Rabassa 1980 US), a mystical love story whose spacetime structure is based on geometrical figures (a "magical square", a spiral); it was to be compared to Julio Cortázar's Rayuela (1968; trans as Hopscotch US). In the short stories of Nove, Novena ["Nine, Novena"] (coll 1966) OL continued his search for a sort of "spatial time" where all events would be simultaneous and the reader could move through them at will, while in A Rainha dos Cárceres da Grécia ["The Queen of the Jails of Greece"] (1976) a man reads the manuscript of a novel that the woman he loved wrote before dying; he is gradually absorbed by the universe of her book. OL's work creates a fascinating blend between medieval art, mysticism and current-day cosmology. [BT]

Osman Lins


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