Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Levin, Betty

(1927-    ) US writer, mostly for YA readers, whose first work of interest is the Claudia and Evan sequence – The Sword of Culann (1973), A Griffon's Nest (1975) and The Forespoken (1976) – in which two children Time Travel into various eras of Celtic-Fantasy interest; they are, however, more spectators than participants, and the action seems sometimes remote. The contemporary protagonist of The Keeping-Room (1981) also visits the past, in this case the 19th century. Other singletons include: A Binding Spell (1984), about a Ghost horse; The Ice Bear (1986), a Secondary-World fantasy; The Trouble with Gramary (1988), an associational novel whose protagonist's name is Gramary; Mercy's Mill (1992); and Starshine and Sunglow (1994). [JC]

Betty Levin


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