Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Leslie, Josephine

(1898-1979) Scottish writer who wrote several novels and two plays as R A Dick, scoring considerable success with The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1945), which tracks the relationship between a widowed mother and the Ghost of an old sea-captain; the story was the basis of The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1947) and a tv series, but did not save JL's writing career from slow decline. In a more earnest vein, The Devil and Mrs Devine (1975) as by JL features another widow who can be redeemed from a reckless Pact with the Devil only by the love of a good man – which is, of course, not easy to come by. [BS]

other works: Witch Errant: An Improbable Comedy in Three Acts (1959).

Josephine Aimée Campbell Leslie


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