Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lerner, Alan Jay

(1918-1986) US dramatist whose most famous adaptation was the musical My Fair Lady (play 1956) – done with his long-time partner, the composer Frederick Loewe (1904-1988), and based on Pygmalion (play 1913) by George Bernard Shaw. AJL is of fantasy interest mainly for Brigadoon (play 1947), filmed as Brigadoon (1954). The Scottish village of Brigadoon is a Polder protected from the rest of the world by a Spell according to which it appears in our Reality only once a century, and then for only a single day. The partners' later fantasy effort, Camelot: A New Musical (produced 1960; 1961), based loosely on T H White's The Once and Future King (omni 1958), was saccharine; it was filmed as Camelot (1967). Also of fantasy import was On a Clear Day You Can See Forever with Burton Lane, which was filmed disastrously by Vincente Minnelli in 1970: a modern woman Timeslips into 19th-century London, where – echoing the situation in My Fair Lady – she is a Cockney lass trying to act the part of a lady. [JC]

Alan Jay Lerner


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