Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lee, John

(1939-    ) Writer and publicist, born in Iraq of UK parents, resident in the USA since 1963. His Strand sequence includes The Unicorn Quest (1986), The Unicorn Dilemma (1988), The Unicorn Solution (1991), The Unicorn Peace (1993) and The Unicorn War (1995). Set on the world of Strand, which mixes Science-Fantasy elements out of Planetary Romance with a Fantasyland ambience – including an Island at the centre of things where Unicorns have their home – this is essentially a long Dynastic Fantasy, involving two or three royal houses and told with moderate good humour. Eventually, Magic sustains itself against the Thinning encroachment of a machine age. The Goddess (treated unsympathetically) and the Mother who officiates for her on Strand are antipathetic to magic, and favour the advocates of progress. [JC]

John Arthur Walter Lee


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