Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Le Clézio, J-M G

(1940-    ) French writer who spent time in Thailand and Central America, both of which locations affected his work. His first novel, Le Procès-Verbal (1963; trans Daphne Woodward as The Interrogation 1964 UK), features a protagonist whose name, Adam Pollo, manages to conflate two Archetypes or Underlier figures; the novel does not, though, violate the mundane world. Le Déluge (1966; trans Peter Green as The Flood 1967 US) replays the tragedy of Oedipus, though without an Oracle. Les Géants (1973; trans Simon Watson Taylor as The Giants 1975 US) is hyperbolic sf. Voyages de l'autre côté ["Voyages to the Other Shore"] (1975) carries its surreal protagonist through innumerable Metamorphoses into a series of escapes from this Universe; it has not been translated, and nor have any of the author's more recent works. [JC]

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio


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