Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lawhead, Stephen R

(1950-    ) US writer, resident in the UK, known mainly for his Celtic Fantasies. His Pendragon series – Taliesin (1987 US), Merlin (1988 US), Arthur (1989 US), Pendragon (1994 US) and Grail (1997 US) – in fact starts in a Polder that is a surviving fragment of Atlantis. His Arthurian Britain is realistic 6th century rather than chivalric 12th century, and he avoids many of the failings of other US writing in this subgenre, but his evangelical Christian stance leads to a too-great polarization between Good and Evil, while his christianizing of all the major characters (including Taliesin and Merlin) rewrites the entire mythic subtext of the Arthur cycle. His Song of Albion series – The Paradise War (1991), The Silver Hand (1992) and The Endless Knot (1993) – explores non-Arthurian Celtic mythology. [DVB]

other works: The Dragon King trilogy, being In the Hall of the Dragon King (1982), The Warlords of Nin (1983) and The Sword and the Flame (1984); Dream Thief (1983); The Search for Fierra (1985) and The Siege of Dome (1986), assembled as Emphyrion: The Search for Fierra, The Siege of Dome (omni 1990); Howard Had a Spaceship (1986), juvenile sf.

Stephen R Lawhead


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