Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Launay, André

(1930-    ) Writer born in the UK of French parents and now resident in Spain; he writes as Droo Launay, Drew Lamark and Andrew Laurance, as well as under his own name. His first book was a collection of cartoons, I Married a Model (graph coll 1960 UK) as by Droo Launay; his other Droo Launay titles are all thrillers. The Snake Orchards (1982 UK) and The Medusa Horror (1983 UK), both as by Drew Lamark, are Horror, as are AL titles like The Latchkey Children (1985 UK), The Harlequin's Son (1986 UK) and Seance (1991 UK). The Blood of Nostradamus sequence as by Laurance – Premonitions of an Inherited Mind (1979 UK; vt The Blood of Nostradamus: The Premonition 1991 US), Embryo (1980 UK; vt The Blood of Nostradamus: The Unborn 1991 US) and The Link (1980 UK; vt The Blood of Nostradamus: The Link 1991 US) – concerns a family descended from Nostradamus who have inherited his memory and prophetic powers. Other titles as by Laurance include The Hiss (1981 UK; vt Catacomb 1991), Ouija (1982 UK) and The Black Hotel (1983 UK), all horror. [JC]

André Joseph Launay


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