Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Larsen, Jeanne

(1950-    ) US academic and writer whose Silk Road: A Novel of Eighth-Century China (1989), won the 1990 William L Crawford Memorial Award for Best First Fantasy Novel. Set in a Land-of-Fable ancient China (>>> Chinoiserie), it follows the Picaresque life of a pearl transformed into a human child by an irritated Jade Emperor, whose game of Go has been interrupted (> Animate/Inanimate; Real Boy); the human Pearl loses her mother to a god Under the Sea, and must Quest for her, aided by a varying band of Companions. The picture of China is ornate, detailed and convincing. JL's second novel, Bronze Mirror (1991), set in a similar China, creates an intricate interplay between a bored passel of Gods and the earthly Story they create. Eventually the Story acquires a momentum which cannot safely be tampered with, for the lives of mortals do not constitute a proper playground for the gods. [JC]

Jeanne Louise Larsen


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