Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lance, Kathryn

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(1943-    ) US writer who also writes as by Lynn Beach; she is known for the Pandora sf sequence as KL and for a number of fantasy novels as by Beach for YA readers, including most of the Phantom Valley sequence which began with the singleton Phantom Valley #1: H.O.W.L. High (1991) by Ellen (W.) Leroe (1991-    ). KL's contributions are #2: The Evil One (1991), #3: The Dark (1991), #4: Scream of the Cat (1992), #5: Stranger in the Mirror (1992) and #6: The Spell (1992) – the first featuring the adventures of a Halfling who is half-warlock, the second featuring a demon Doll, etc. Other titles, tied to various juvenile series, include Secrets of the Lost Island * (1984 chap), The Attack of the Insecticons * (1985 chap), Conquest of the Time Master * (1985), The Haunted Castle of Ravencurse * (1985) and Invaders from Darkland * (1986). [JC]

Kathryn Lance


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