Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lambourne, John

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Pseudonym of UK writer John Battersby Crompton Lamburn (1893-1972) for his fiction; he retained his full name and the alias John Crompton for his nonfictional studies of insects and spiders. JL spent time in South Africa (as a policeman) and China (as a shipping clerk) before settling back in the UK in 1932. His travels provided background colour for his work, which included two Lost-Race adventures in the style of H Rider Haggard and featuring the character Professor Ellis: The Kingdom that Was (1931) and The Second Leopard (1932).

His sister, who wrote as Richmal Crompton (1890-1969), was famous for her nonfantasy William stories, and also produced several stories about malevolent Ghosts, including the novel The House (1926; vt Dread Dwelling 1926 US) and the collection Mist, and Other Stories (coll 1928). [MA]

other works: The Unmeasured Place (1933).

John Battersby Crompton Lamburn


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