Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Lamb, Charles

(1775-1834) UK essayist and writer, best-known for the essays he published under the name Elia; the first book publication was Elia (coll dated 1823 but 1822). His work for children is mostly Twice-Told, and is neatly done: it includes The Adventures of Ulysses (1808) – which appears with some other short fantasies in Eliana: Being the Hitherto Uncollected Writings (coll 1864) – Prince Dorus: A Poetical Version of an Ancient Tale (1811 chap) and Beauty and the Beast (1811 chap). Satan in Search of a Wife, and Who Danced at the Wedding (1831) as by An Eyewitness is poetry. Tales from Shakespear * (coll 1807), written with CL's sister Mary (Ann) Lamb (1764-1847), adapted the plays of William Shakespeare as stories for children; this volume was published by William Godwin in his Juvenile Library series and marked CL's first commercial success. [JC]

Charles Lamb


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