Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Laforgue, Jules

(1860-1887) Innovative French poet. The posthumous Moralities légendaires (coll 1887; trans Frances Newman as Six Moral Tales by Jules Laforgue 1928 US; new trans William Jay Smith as Moral Tales 1985 US) presents six parodic reinterpretations of traditional tales. Hamlet, Lohengrin, Salome, Perseus and Pan are featured in five of them; the sixth is a mock Christian Fantasy. Two of Smith's translations had earlier appeared in Selected Writings of Jules Laforgue (coll 1956), which he edited. John Erskine and many others have produced works similar in spirit to the Moral Tales, but no one has ever duplicated JL's effervescent style, whose example helped Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) and Guillaume Apollinaire build the literary bridge between Decadence and Surrealism. [BS]

Jules Laforgue


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