Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kummer, Frederic Arnold

(1873-1943) US writer who concentrated for much of his career on detective fiction, beginning with The Green God (1911). The Second Coming: A Vision (1916 chap) with Henry P Janes is a World War I fantasy in which Christ appeals for peace to the Kaiser. FAK also wrote two Afterlife fantasies, Ladies in Hades: A Story of Hell's Smart Set (1928) and Gentlemen in Hades: The Story of a Damned Debutante (1930). In the first, Eve establishes a club in Hell; in the second, a young woman who has just been killed makes good in Hell, flirting with Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), Noah and eventually Satan. A mild eroticism permeates both books, in the fashion of Thorne Smith.

FAK's son, Frederic Arnold Kummer Jr (1913-1990), was a frequent contributor to sf magazines around 1939-1942, becoming inactive by about 1950. [JC]

other works: The Earth's Story #1: The First Days of Man, as Narrated Quite Simply for Young Readers (1922), a Prehistoric Fantasy.

Frederic Arnold Kummer


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