Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Krensky, Stephen

(1953-    ) US writer who began publishing fantasy with A Big Day for Scepter (1977), for children. His Wynd sequence – The Dragon Circle (1977), The Witching Hour (1981) and A Ghostly Business (1984) – concerns a Wainscot family who live in rural Massachusetts and whose Talents are very various. Their balancing of life in the mundane world against the perils of their revanchist kin – who long to re-establish the hegemony of the old ways – is neatly told. Other books of interest include The Perils of Putny (1978), featuring a Giant on a knightly Quest, Castles in the Air and Other Tales (coll 1979) and A Troll in Passing (1980). [JC]

Stephen Alan Krensky


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