Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker

US tv series (1974-1975). Universal/ABC. Pr Paul Playdon, Cy Chermak. Exec pr Darren McGavin. Created by Jeff Rice. Dir Allen Baron and many others. Writers Bill S Ballinger and many others. Starring Jack Grinnage (Ron Updyke), Ruth McDevitt (Emily Cowles), Darren McGavin (Carl Kolchak), Simon Oakland (Tony Vincenzo). 20 60min episodes. Colour.

After the events of the Kolchak Movies, reporter Kolchak moves to Chicago, where he works for a small news service. He continues to unearth strange stories that defy all common sense and logic. While others might suspect a missing person is just a runaway or random crime victim, Kolchak always suspects, correctly, that something more sinister is at work. He is continually thwarted in his efforts to prove his theories, either by authorities who wish to avoid a panic or by supernatural forces beyond his control, and all his proofs conveniently disappear at the end of each episode. His foes include the original Jack the Ripper, a Succubus, a Werewolf, a Vampire ... Throughout all, Kolchak remains convinced that someday someone will believe him. [BC]


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