Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Knowles, Vernon

(1899-1968) Australian writer, later resident in the UK, who produced several collections (often overlapping) of calculatedly quaint and mostly rather effete fantasies. Four of the nine stories in The Street of Queer Houses and Other Stories (coll 1924 US) are reprinted, with 11 new items, in The Street of Queer Houses and Other Tales (coll 1925 UK); the title novella features an architecturally eccentric street which attracts appropriate inhabitants. None of the five omitted stories is included in Here and Otherwhere (coll 1926), which does contain the celebratory "The Shop in the Off-Street" and the structurally convoluted novella "A Set of Chinese Boxes", or in Silver Nutmegs (coll 1927). The latter includes the novella The Ladder (1929 chap), in which the population of a village is seduced into climbing a ladder into the clouds; their subsequent fate is frustratingly unspecified. Eight stories from the later collections were reprinted, along with four new ones, in Two and Two Make Five (coll 1935). [BS]

Vernon Knowles


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