Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Knaak, Richard A

(1961-    ) US writer involved at the beginning of his career in the DragonLance enterprise, for which he wrote several ties, including contributions to the DragonLance Heroes sequence: The Legend of Huma * (1988) and Kaz, the Minotaur * (1990). His own similar series, the Dragonrealm sequence, set in a Fantasyland governed by colour-coded Dragons, comprises Firedrake (1989), Icedragon (1989), Wolfhelm (1990), Shadow Steed (1990), The Crystal Dragon (1993) and The Dragon Crown (1993). The Shrouded Realm (1991), Children of the Drake (1991) and Dragon Tome (1992) make up a subsidiary sequence describing the Origin of Dragonrealm. The Colour-Coding is thorough: the red dragon governs volcanic territories, the green dragon the Forest, etc. King of the Grey (1993) is an Urban Fantasy set initially in Chicago; its protagonist finds himself in a Crosshatch relationship to invading creatures from the "Grey", into which he eventually plunges and where he becomes king. [JC]

other works: Frostwing (1994); The Janus Mask (1995), a Dark Fantasy.

Richard Allen Knaak


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