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Klein, T E D

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(1947-    ) US editor and writer, often referred to as Ted Klein; he has also written as Kurt Van Helsing. He was founding editor of Rod Serling's the Twilight Zone Magazine, editing it 1981-1985 and publishing a wide range of horror and fantasy, though generally avoiding full-fantasy tales. Great Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine: 1983 Annual (anth 1983) is a representative selection.

The Events at Poroth Farm (1972 From Beyond the Dark Gateway; rev 1990 chap), TEDK's first and best-known story, deposits its protagonist, a graduate student interested in Supernatural Fiction, in the isolated Poroth Farm, a Bad Place seemingly the focus for a resurgence of an unknowable Evil. In the expansion, The Ceremonies (1984), this unknowable evil is unveiled – partly through an extensive map of references to writers like H P Lovecraft and Arthur Machen – as a resurgence of the Elder Gods in the shape of a Dragon, ushered into the contemporary world by a vicious acolyte who arranges the necessary Rituals. The sense that the elder gods are Monsters and that humans are little more than mayflies in a malign Cycle turns the horrific Thinning imagery of tale and ending into a sustainable vision of the Universe as a whole. Most of TEDK's later fiction is assembled in Dark Gods (coll 1985) – a collection including "Nadelman's God", which won a 1986 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella – and focuses on typical Dark Fantasy venues like New York, as in "Children of the Kingdom" (1980), in which a race of blind monsters surfaces during a power blackout. [JC]

other works: Raising Goosebumps for Fun and Profit (1988 chap), nonfiction.

Theodore Eibon Donald Klein


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