Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kennealy-Morrison, Patricia

(1946-2021) US writer born Patricia Kennely who until 1994 published her fiction as Patricia Kennealy, but thereafter used her full name, derived from a "private religious ceremony" of marriage to rock singer and composer Jim Morrison (1943-1971). Her Keltiad sequence, being two trilogies, could be described as High Fantasy set in a Science-Fiction frame. Its initial premise mixes both genres: persecuted by humans for their Magic and strange customs, the alien survivors of Atlantis, known as the Danaans, follow their leader Brendan through space in search of a safe haven, which turns out to be Keltia, one of several planets PK-M utilizes as high-fantasy Landscapes. The first trilogy, the Aeron sequence – The Copper Crown (1985), The Throne of Scone (1986) and The Silver Branch (1988), this last prequelling the first two volumes – tells of Queen Aeron of Keltia's fight against invaders from other planets, during which she must invoke the memory of the local Arthur (himself a re-enactment of the original figure from Earth) and recover his Thirteen Treasures in order to prevail against the foe. The second trilogy, the Tales of Arthur sequence – The Hawk's Gray Feather (1990), The Oak Above the Kings (1994) and The Hedge of Mist (1996) – deals with early events in PKM's Planetary-Romance venue through a slow and complex re-enacting of the Arthurian Cycle, during which young Arthur Pernarvon, a Hidden-Monarch figure ignorant of his lineage but helped along by a Merlin character, comes to lead his people against the long oppressive rule of the Danaans' hereditary foes.

PKM employed a slow, archaizing Diction throughout, especially in the novels dealing directly with the Arthur figure, and her sense of plotting is not innovative; the Keltiad remains memorable mainly for its thorough mixing of genres. [JC]

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison


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