Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kendall, Carol

(1917-2012) US writer whose career began with detective novels like The Black Seven (1946) and The Other Side of the Tunnel (1956 UK), but who is best-known for her Minnipins sequence of fantasy novels: The Gammage Cup (1959; vt The Minnipins 1960 UK) and The Whisper of Glocken (1965). Clearly influenced by J R R Tolkien – her Hobbit-like Minnipins live in the Shire-like Land Between the Mountains – the first volume of the sequence engages a Seven-Samurai band of exiled heroes, armed with magic Swords, in a conflict with their traditional Goblin-like enemy. The second again features a group of heroes, this time on a Quest to find out the reason for the flooding of the local river. Both novels are ostensibly for older children, and are warmly and expertly crafted. In The Firelings (1981 UK) a young boy escapes becoming a Human Sacrifice to the volcano god worshipped by his fellow Firelings. [JC]

Carol Seeger Kendall


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