Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kelleher, Victor

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(1939-    ) UK-born academic and writer who lived first in South Africa and New Zealand, then from 1976 in Australia; he writes for a YA audience, and is as well known for sf as for fantasy, beginning with Forbidden Paths of Thual (1979 UK). His most interesting early novel, Master of the Grove (1982 UK), carries its young protagonist through a taxing Rite of Passage into maturity; it is set in a Secondary World of considerable interest. The Beast of Heaven (1984), which won the 1985 Ditmar Award, is a Technofantasy concerning a post-Holocaust land whose inhabitants worship Underground computers. The Red King (1989) is set in a land ruled by a wicked Magician. Brother Night (1990 UK) sets Twins, one of them an Ugly Duckling, not unpredictably into conflict with one another in a bleak world. VK's work never lacks symbol or Portent; there is at times, however, a certain absence of fluency. [JC]

other works: The Hunting of Shadroth (1981 UK); Ringwood (1986); Baily's Bones (1988), involving Possession; Del-Del (1991); To the Dark Tower (1992 UK).

Victor Michael Kitchener Kelleher


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