Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Katz, Welwyn

(1948-    ) Canadian writer. Her first novel of interest, The Prophecy of Rau Ridoo (1982), was a YA fantasy set in a Secondary World that has long been in the thrall of dark forces; with the help of a Witch, the young protagonists cure the Land. More typical of WK's work in general is her second novel, Witchery Hill (1984), set in this world, and involving an invasive use of Witchcraft. In Sun God, Moon Witch (1986), witchery and the powers of good are opposed on a more cosmic scale. False Face (1987) treats a magic Indian Mask in terms of its effect on this world. The Third Magic (1988) carries its young contemporary protagonist, Morgan Lefevre (see also Morgan Le Fay), into a full secondary world.

WK's later novels – except Time Ghost (1995), which is sf – are Supernatural Fictions. Though acutely told, they depend too frequently on the effects of incursive Evil on the mundane world. [JC]

other works: Whalesinger (1990); Come Like Shadows (1993 US).

Welwyn Wilton Katz


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