Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Kästner, Erich

(1899-1974) German writer, best-known for his classic children's book Emil und die Detektive (1929; trans as Emil and the Detectives 1931 UK). His other books include Die Konferenz Der Tiere (1949; trans as The Animals' Conference 1953 UK), a biting Satire on Man's inability to achieve lasting peace, in the mode of George Orwell's Animal Farm (1945 chap). EK's most fantasticated book is arguably Es geschah am 35. Mai ["It Happened on the 35th of May"]. Also of interest are Der Kleine Mann (trans James Kirkup as The Little Man 1966 UK) and Der Kleine Mann und die Kleine Miss (trans Kirkup as The Little Man and the Little Miss 1969 UK; vt The Little Man and the Big Thief 1969 US). [RD]

Erich Kästner


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