Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

Two Small-Press fantasy Magazines named for the Antarctic city of the Cthulhu Mythos.

1. US magazine, 1 issue 1974, published and ed Lin Carter. Slim (24pp) but expensive, K had negligible circulation and is almost unknown. The only item of interest is a new story by Hannes Bok, "Jewel Quest". [MA]

2. Italian large-format glossy magazine, 6 issues, irregular, October 1979-Fall 1984, published and ed Francesco Cova, Genoa. Although issues #1-#2 were mostly in Italian, they had small English-language sections; issues #4-#6 were entirely in English. The magazine ran a mixture of Lovecraftian Horror (> H P Lovecraft) and Low Fantasy, mostly produced by Cova's UK and US supporters. From #3, issues became thematic: Brian Lumley (November 1980), a Weird Tales issue (July 1981), Occult Detectives (July 1982) and Heroic Fantasy (Fall 1984). K was beautifully produced, but the fiction was of variable standard. The magazine's atmosphere of excitement and rediscovery always prevailed. [MA]

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