Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Joyce, Graham

(1954-2014) UK writer whose fiction has been marketed as Horror but which mostly constitutes a set of deft Dark Fantasies. His first novel, Dreamside (1991), follows an experiment in shared dreaming (> Dreams), with grave consequences over the years for the college students involved. Dark Sister (1992), which won the 1992 British Fantasy Award, conflates Witchcraft, a Bad Place and a Double in a family romance. House of Lost Dreams (1993), opening out somewhat, takes its protagonists to Greece where they embark (as it seems) upon a reenactment of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, but are diverted into a testing of life-roles with a Magus-figure whose enigmatic behaviour is rather Godgame-like, though ultimately not quite; comparisons with John Fowles's The Magus (1966; rev 1977) are inevitable. Requiem (1995) – though its protagonist's discovery of a Dead Sea Scroll telling a different version of the life of Christ hints at a Fantasy of History – turns out to be a psychological study.

GJ is a writer of skill, and gives a sense that he is tracing a course of discovery through the genres he visits. It will be intriguing to see if he finds a home. [JC]

Graham William Joyce


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