Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Jerome, Jerome K

(1859-1927) UK writer and editor (notably of The Idler), best-known for humorous pieces. Told After Supper (coll 1891) contains parodies of Christmas Ghost Stories. The title story of The Passing of the Third Floor Back (coll 1907) – in which an enigmatic man illuminates the lives of the heartsick inhabitants of a boarding-house – was successfully adapted for the stage in 1908 and twice filmed, in 1918 and 1935 (> The Passing of the Third Floor Back [1935]); the collection also includes "The Soul of Nicholas Snyders, or the Miser of Zandam", a striking fabular conte, and "His Time Over Again", whose hero pusillanimously passes up a second chance at life. Three anecdotal fantasies excerpted from Novel Notes (fixup 1893) and two strange tales from John Ingerfield (coll 1894) are included with one item from Told After Supper and various stories by Barry Pain and JKJ's fellow Idler editor Robert Barr in Stories in the Dark (anth 1989) ed Hugh Lamb. JKJ's earnest romance Paul Kelver (1903) has a painfully cute fantasy prologue commenting on its Fairytale-like structure. [BS]

other works: Malvina of Brittany (coll 1916).

Jerome Klapka Jerome


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