Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Jarvis, Robin

(1963-    ) UK writer of generally YA fantasies, always in series. The Deptford Mice sequence – The Dark Portal (1989), The Crystal Prison (1989) and The Final Reckoning (1990) – is an Animal Fantasy set in a subterranean London, with Mice pitted against a vicious supernatural Cat. The Deptford HistoriesThe Alchymist's Cat (1991), The Oaken Throne (1993) and Thomas (1995) – is again set in London, as is The Woven Path (1995), which begins the Tales from the Wyrd Museum sequence, centring on an East End museum in which have been secreted various dark secrets concerning the metropolis. RJ's other series, the Whitby sequence – The Whitby Witches (1991), A Warlock in Whitby (1992) and The Whitby Child (1994) – is a somewhat more conventional set of Supernatural Fictions. [JC]

Robin Jarvis


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