Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Jacques, Robin

(1920-1995) UK artist. Although he had no formal art training, he became a prolific illustrator after being invalided out of the army in 1945, and was art editor of the Strand during its final three years (1948-1950). His distinctive Illustrations often used a pointilliste technique, occasionally with a colour wash added. He specialized in historical themes. Most of his earliest books were commissioned by the innovative children's book publisher Peter Lunn: these included John Keir Cross's The Angry Planet (1945), P de Heriz's Fairy Tales with a Twist (1946), Washington Irving's Alhambra Tales (1946) and Selected Tales from the Arabian Nights (1946). RJ went on to illustrate dozens of other Children's Fantasies, including Hans Andersen: Forty-two Stories (coll trans M R James 1953), Andre Norton's Steel Magic (1965), Beverley Nichols's The Wickedest Witch in the World (1971) and Lynne Reid Banks's The Indian in the Cupboard (1980); but he is best-known for his witty and meticulous drawings in the long series of 20 books by Ruth Manning-Sanders. [RD]

Robin Jacques


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