Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Ionesco, Eugène

(1912-1994) Romanian-born French dramatist, most of whose contributions to the Theatre of the Absurd lie outside the framework of self-coherent narrative fantasy. For EI, the Perception of "insolite" (which translates roughly as "the unusual") is central, and is almost never resolved or explained. Even in his first play, La Cantatrice chauve (produced 1950; in Théâtre I coll 1954; trans as The Bald Soprano in Plays 1 coll 1958; vt Four Plays 1958), these concerns were fully to the front. Of its numerous successors, Rhinocéros (produced 1959; in Théâtre IV coll 1963; trans as Rhinoceros in Plays IV coll 1960) is of direct fantasy interest for its gaming with Metamorphosis. [JC]

Eugène Ionesco


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