Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Invisible Man, The [tv]

US tv series (1975-1976). Universal Pictures/NBC. Pr Steven Bochco, Robert F O'Neil, Leslie Stevens. Exec pr Harve Bennett. Dir Don Henderson and many others. Writers Bennett, Bochco and many others. Created by Bennett, Bochco. Starring Jackie Cooper (Walter Carlson – pilot only), Melinda Fee (Dr Kate Westin), David McCallum (Dr Daniel Westin), Craig Stevens (Walter Carlson). 90min pilot plus 13 60min episodes. Colour.

In another revamping of H G Wells (the earlier UK series, H.G. Wells' Invisible Man [1958-1959], was sf, and the UK serial The Invisible Man [1984] was a straight adaptation), scientist Westin discovers the secret of Invisibility. Desperate to keep his work from government agents who want to use it as a Weapon, he destroys all his equipment and notes – only to discover he can't make himself visible again. Using a lifelike mask and gloves so others may see him, he becomes a special agent for his employer, an international think-tank, and uses his strange new power to investigate various crimes. While initial interest was quite high, the stories and effects proved rather unspectacular, and the series vanished after one season.

A 1983 pilot, The Invisible Woman, with Alexa Hamilton in the title role, played the story strictly for laughs. The less said the better. [BC]

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