Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
I Still Dream of Jeannie

US movie (1991 tvm). Jeannie Entertainment/Carla Singer/Bar-Gene/ Columbia. Pr Joan Carson. Exec pr Carla Singer. Dir Joseph Scanlan. Spfx Tim Torvick. Vfx Gastown Post & Transfer. Screenplay April Kelly. Starring Bill Daily (Roger Healey), Barbara Eden (Jeannie/Sister Jeannie), Ken Kercheval (Bob Simpson). circa 90 mins. Colour.

Not really a sequel to I Dream of Jeannie ... 15 Years Later (1985 tvm), but placed chronologically later in the lives of the Nelson family. Tony Nelson Sr has been away on a mysterious space mission for three months; Sister Jeannie joyously discovers there is a rule that a Genie without an earthbound master for that period of time must return to the higher Reality, so Jeannie sets about trying to find a temporary master. Son Tony, meantime, is captured by a pair of bumbling crooks. Jeannie sorts everything out with the aid of Magic. This is rather good at being what it is: unambitious, occasionally witty entertainment. [JG]

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