Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
I Dream of Jeannie ... 15 Years Later

US movie (1985 tvm). Can't Sing Can't Dance/Columbia. Pr Hugh Benson. Exec pr Barbara Corday. Dir William Asher (1921-2012). Spfx Bill Doane. Screenplay Irma Kalish, Dinah Kirgo, Julie Kirgo. Starring Mackenzie Astin (TJ), Andre De Shields (Hajji), Barbara Eden (Jeannie/Sister Jeannie), Wayne Rogers (Tony Nelson). circa 90 mins. Colour.

15 years after the end of I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970) Jeannie and Tony are happily married with a young son, Tony Jr (TJ). Tony agrees to fly one last Shuttle mission, and Jeannie and TJ leave him; she is determined to – at least for a while – establish herself as an independent mortal woman. Her sister does her best to make the separation permanent. Tony's mission gets into trouble, and can be saved only by Magic, but to do this Jeannie must agree with boss Genie Hajji that Tony will thereafter forget all about her and TJ. She complies, but six months later picks Tony up afresh. This fairly limp attempt to relaunch a show whose time was long past aims for modernity – its doubles entendres are more blatant and more puerile – but merely succeeds in looking dated. I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991 tvm) returned more to the old formula, and was thus more successful. [JG]

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