Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
I Dream of Jeannie

US tv series (1965-1970). NBC/Columbia. Exec pr Sidney Sheldon. Dir Larry Hagman, Gene Nelson, Sheldon and others. Writers Sheldon and others. Created by Sheldon. Starring Bill Daily (Roger Healey), Barbara Eden (Jeannie/Sister Jeannie), Hagman (Tony Nelson), Hayden Rorke (Alfred Bellows). 139 25min episodes. Colour.

This was a blatant imitation of Bewitched (1964-1972), but by no means as bad as most such imitations are. Nelson, an astronaut, crashlands on a desert Island and releases a scantily clad blonde Genie from her bottle. Still scantily clad, she pursues him back to civilization, where for nearly 140 episodes she plagues his life by trying to help him – despite the harassment of her identical (except brunette) evil Twin sister, who has also fallen for Nelson. Finally they marry and the series ends. Much later appendages were I Dream of Jeannie ... 15 Years Later (1985 tvm) and I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991 tvm). [JG]


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