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Hutchinson's Magazines

Among the many popular Magazines published by Walter Hutchinson (1887-1950) were several of significance in the promotion of Weird Fiction and Supernatural Fiction in the UK during the 1920s. Hutchinson's Story Magazine (119 issues July 1919-June 1929, retitled Hutchinson's Magazine from May 1921; reissued as Hutchinson's Story Magazine 6 issues July-December 1929) was the company's prestige title, attracting lead names and at one time rivalling Nash's Pall Mall Magazine as the primary society fiction magazine. Early issues concentrated on serializing forthcoming novels, including three by H Rider Haggard. The Lost-Race or romantic South-Sea/Oriental adventure tinged with fantastic allure was also evident, in fiction from Achmed Abdullah, Beatrice Grimshaw (1871-1953) and H deVere Stacpoole (1863-1951). Elsewhere the magazine included a number of Oriental mysteries in the vogue of Fu Manchu, with work by Edmund Snell (1889-1972) and Thomas Burke (1886-1945), but of special significance was the long series of 28 Spook Stories by E F Benson (April 1922-August 1929). Hutchinson's Story Magazine began and ended as a pulp magazine, with a profitable slick period in between.

The Sovereign Magazine (90 issues November 1919-April 1927) was a pulp for all of its life. It began with the same adventure-story formula, with works by Abdullah, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950), Edison Marshall (1894-1967) and Sax Rohmer, many featuring fantasy elements, though primarily romances or mysteries. Later issues reprinted many Ghost Stories and macabre stories from the magazines Weird Tales and Ghost Stories.

Hutchinson was aware of the success of the US mystery and adventure pulps, and in 1922 issued Adventure-Story Magazine (60 issues September 1922-September 1927), followed closely by Mystery-Story Magazine (55 issues February 1923-September 1927), the UK's first specialist pulps. Both published straight mysteries but also many Horror and supernatural stories, especially Lost-Race, ghost and occult fantasies. They were edited initially by E C Vivian, three of whose own lost-race novels were serialized in Adventure-Story. Mystery-Story exchanged many occult and ghost stories with WT and Ghost Stories. It frequently published fiction by Arlton Eadie (real name Leopold Eady; 1886-1935), G G Pendarves (real name Gladys Trenery; 1885-1938), Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965) and Margery Lawrence. In 1927 the two magazines merged as Adventure & Mystery Story Magazine (21 issues October 1927-June 1929), with mystery stories prevailing.

The entire Hutchinson magazine chain folded in 1929 when the publisher switched to issuing large Anthologies. [MA]

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