Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hunter, Mollie

Pseudonym of Scottish writer Maureen Mollie McIlwraith (1922-2012), who specializes in both YA and Children's Fantasy. She began with Patrick Kentigen Keenan (1963 chap; vt The Smartest Man in Ireland 1965 chap US), illustrated by Charles Keeping: the Trickster hero tries to cheat the Fairies and always gets his comeuppance. Other work of interest, often featuring a human interacting with a denizen of Faerie, includes: The Kelpie's Pearls (1964), a Celtic Fantasy whose heroine helps the eponymous water sprite; Thomas and the Warlock (1967), whose hero traps a warlock who then kidnaps his wife; The Ferlie (1968), similarly constructed; and The Haunted Mountain: A Story of Suspense (1972), whose hero has offended the fairies. The Bodach (1970; vt The Walking Stones: A Story of Suspense 1970 US) more interestingly features a young hero who learns how to Magic the eponymous Stones into departing an area about to be drowned by a dam-created lake. Later work includes A Stranger Came Ashore (1975), in which a good Wizard opposes an ominous Selkie, and The Mermaid Summer (1988), whose female protagonist similarly fights off the intrusion of a Mermaid. [JC]

other works: The Thirteen Member (1971); A Sound of Chariots (1972); The Stronghold (1974); The Wicked One (1977); A Furl of Fairy Wind: Four Stories (coll 1977 chap) for younger readers; The Third Eye (1979 US); The Knight of the Golden Plain (1983 chap) and its sequel, The Three Day Enchantment (1985 chap), both for younger readers.

Maureen Mollie McIlwraith


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