Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hughes, Robert Don

(1949-    ) US writer who began writing with the Pelman the Powershaper sequence – The Prophet of Lamath (1979), The Wizard in Waiting (1982) and The Power and the Prophet (1985) – set in a three-nation Fantasyland venue and involving the Wizard Pelman in complex conflicts, which are resolved satisfactorily; other elements are a rather attractive two-headed Dragon named Vicia-Heinox, an ancient Talisman which must be searched for, and a sentient castle (see Edifice). The Wizard and Dragon sequence – The Forging of the Dragon (1989) and The Faithful Traitor (1992) – takes up the history after the Three Lands have been united, at the cost of a dangerous Thinning of the Magic. [JC]

Robert Don Hughes


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