Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Horror Show, The

US small-press Magazine, 28 issues, quarterly, November 1982-Spring 1990, published and ed David B Silva (1950-    ), Phantasm Press, Oak Run, California.

One of the more important Small-Press publications of the 1980s, THS acquired national distribution and encouraged a new generation of writers. Inspired more by Dean R Koontz than Stephen King, Silva strove to publish a magazine that ran the whole gamut of Horror fiction. The magazine indirectly developed the Splatterpunk writers. The early issues used basic computer production, but from Summer 1986 the quality improved. THS released several special author and artist issues, including: Dean R Koontz (Summer 1986), Steve Rasnic Tem (1950-    ) (Fall 1986), J K Potter (1956-    ) (January 1987), Robert R McCammon (1952-    ) (Spring 1987), Dennis Etchison (Winter 1987), William F Nolan (Summer 1988) and Harry O Morris (Winter 1988). It became the primary magazine for new writers Poppy Z Brite, Nancy A Collins and Bentley Little.

Silva won the Balrog Award in 1985 and the World Fantasy Award in 1988 for THS. He produced a representative anthology, Best of The Horror Show (anth 1987; exp vt The Definitive Best of the Horror Show 1992). THS has a spiritual successor in Cemetery Dance. [MA]

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