Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Holme, Constance

(1880-1955) UK writer best-known for The Lonely Plough (1914), a novel set like most of her work in rural Westmorland, northern England. In The Old Road from Spain (1915; vt The Homecoming 1916 US) a Curse laid down by a survivor of the Spanish Armada entails the heads of an English farming family knowing their death is nigh when sheep come into the local park. He-Who-Comes? (1930) likewise embraces the circumambient Land, giving to its storyline – a Witch hovers between good and bad practices – a sense of autonomy and rightness that shifts it from the normal timbre of Supernatural Fiction. Some of the tales assembled in The Wisdom of the Simple (coll 1937) are supernatural. [JC]

Constance Holme


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