Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki

(1955-    ) US writer who began publishing with "Drawing on the Kitchen Table" for Snapdragon in 1983. Legacy of Fire (coll 1990) contains nonfantasy work (like that story) as well as fantasy, Supernatural Fiction and sf. Her short work – which is increasingly various, and which conveys through contemporary settings a sense of driven, underlying Story – has also appeared in Courting Disasters and Other Strange Affinities (coll 1991). Her first longer work was Child of an Ancient City (1992 chap) with Tad Williams, an Arabian Fantasy. In Unmasking (1992) – which like much of NKH's work contains radically reworked echoes of writers like Charles G Finney and Ray Bradbury – the residents of a small town are forced to reinhabit their own worst moments. The Thread that Binds the Bones (1993), which begins a sequence of loosely linked novels, rather more ambitiously describes a somewhat Bradburyesque Pacific Rim family with Talents which has been occupying a position in the world – half Wainscot, half Secret Masters – for centuries, but is now threatened by a loss of Fertility. The Silent Strength of Stones (1995) focuses on an adolescent boy who becomes fascinated by members of this family, one of them a Werewolf, one with the power to control or "own" other people; his erotically charged resistance to the latter's talent is sensitively told. [JC]

Nina Kiriki Hoffman


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