Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hitler Wins

Most novels in which Adolf Hitler wins World War II are set in sf Alternate Worlds; SS-GB (1978) by Len Deighton (1929-    ) is one example and Fatherland (1992) by Robert Harris (1957-    ) another. In some Supernatural Fictions, occult procedures are used either to defend the Nazis in their own time, as in Werewolves (1990) by Jerry Ahern and Sharon Ahern, or to defeat them, as in Dennis Wheatley's Strange Conflict (1941), or to resurrect the Reich, as in James Herbert's The Spear (1978). In The Bargain (1990) by Jon Ruddy Dracula vampirizes Eva Braun, who – in a Slingshot Ending – in turn vampirizes Hitler, thus giving him Immortality and the likelihood of eventual victory. Some novels – like Katherine Burdekin's Swastika Night (1937) as by Murray Constantine, which is a future history, and Sarban's The Sound of his Horn (1952) – portray Hitler's victory in terms so remote that it is a legend for the characters in the foreground. Some of the stories assembled in Hitler Victorious (anth 1987) ed Gregory Benford and Martin H Greenberg are supernatural fiction. [JC]


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