Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Hildebrandt Brothers

Twins Tim and Greg Hildebrandt (1939-    ), whose successful collaboration from childhood on a number of fantasy projects ended circa 1982, when they began to seek work as individuals. They both work in acrylics in bright, strong colours.

The brothers studied briefly at Meinzinger's Art School in Detroit before taking a job with the animation company Jam Handy for four years, after which they relocated in 1962 to New York to make documentaries for a religious organization. They then began illustrating children's educational books for Holt-Reinhart-Winston, also doing advertising work and album covers for RCA Victor. In 1975 they were commissioned to produce a cover for J R R Tolkien's Smith of Wooten Major & Farmer Giles of Ham (1949), which led to commissions to paint a series of Tolkien Calendars; these brought them wide acclaim, and their reputation was enhanced by their poster for the movie Star Wars (1977). Their next project, Urshurak (1979), was a copiously illustrated fantasy novel. They ceased to work in concert for financial reasons, but have continued to follow parallel careers in fantasy illustration. [RT]

further reading: The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt (graph 1991) by Jack E Norton; GH is featured in Great Masters of Fantasy Art (graph 1986) by Eckart Sackmann.

Hildebrandt Brothers


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