Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Heydron, Vicki Ann

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(1945-    ) US writer, from 1978 married to Randall Garrett, with whom she had planned the Gandalara sequence of Planetary Romances before 1979, when he contracted meningitis and was subsequently unable to produce work with any consistency. The sequence – The Steel of Raithskar (1981), The Glass of Dyskornis (1982) and The Bronze of Eddarta (1983), all three assembled as The Gandalara Cycle 1 (omni 1986), plus The Well of Darkness (1983), The Search for Kä (1984) and Return to Eddarta (1985), all three assembled as The Gadalara Cycle 2 (omni 1986), plus The River Wall (1986) – was written by VAH, though both writers were credited throughout. The sequence, clearly showing the influence of Edgar Rice Burroughs, features a terminally ill university professor who is translated from Earth to Gandalara, where in desert climes a variety of cultures flourish and clash; there he enjoys a Heroic-Fantasy life in a new body. Magic works in the Rationalized-Fantasy mode; Talents like telepathy are the norm; and giant Cats serve as both mounts and Companions. [JC]

Vicki Ann Heydron


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