Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Heros the Spartan

Series of eight long and three short Comic-strip myth-style historical fantasies set in Caesarian Rome and featuring a centurion of the Roman army. Written by Tom Tulley, the long stories were published in weekly episodes as colour centre-spreads in the UK comic Eagle 1962-1966 and provided an impressive showcase for artists Frank Bellamy and Luis Bermejo. The general pattern of the stories was of a Quest, in course of which HTS encountered strange peoples, evil Magic and opportunities to display his swordsmanship.

Plans to reprint the series as a collection have been hindered by the double-page format – only one of the three, less memorable, short stories (which were published in annuals) could be easily reprinted in book form – and the fact that much of the original artwork was stolen from the IPC archive in the late 1970s. [RT]

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